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That day I came to the place previously lived on the streets , I saw a sweet old aunt to sell , but through her melancholy eyes I seem to see the muddy beautiful when she was young and lively, fascinating and charming. However wrinkles trails , all years .

Suddenly came next two tease the children , not for a while , one of them fell down, stay put began to cry . And another to help him up without any meaning , and passers-by , as I am no exception ( think really a bit ashamed ) . This time a woman came shouted , crying crying , crying bitter, without it hit you. The moment a child is no crying, sobbing stand up soil pat on clothes away. I guess it was his mother .

This way, I think years ago I wrote an article , ” sticks feelings ” probably means that sticks out under the dutiful son , to borrow some fake thing the mother sing again. In fact, the number of times a child ‘s parents are not hit us a lot , Dad wants to play very little chance , perennial out of reach ah. I remember once the pressure in the bottom of a mother watches broke out , then put my mother knew fiercely kicked kicks. Really hurt , heart, this is the real mother is inevitable grinding grumble it? I remember very clearly beaten on this occasion , something really forgotten, and now want to come if the mother broke my love I’m sure something big temper , but also people from another angle mother ah. In fact, in my memory as a child really have a cousin parents were playing mixed doubles for men and women for many years . Since that time the concept of education that many parents is “lost children , sticks underneath mother more dutiful son ,” the parents that smacking is right and proper. So our childhood and sticks to the doctrine of class ruler tool parents and teachers often beat playing hide and seek, some parents can not find it picked up the bread threw , clever kid pulled a pick , but also forget bite , slipped away like a rabbit .

At that time many children are their parents played the shadows and effects, if we choose an injection or parents fight, I believe that many children would not hesitate to choose an injection . There are many parents are more qualities of light called the child not to fight child. I remember being scolded old sister on his father , she would lie to her parents cry cry took her injections, she immediately stopped crying . I was even more difficult to forget is a big brother , he has never beaten the case history only to be scolded . Although I do not know what his big name , but his nickname ” the beast ” still resounded in my mind . Angry because his mother would often call him ” the beast .” Once they arrived in front of his mother heard uttered you little ” beast ” mad at you his aging mother . His unbridled retorted , I do not also you born ? At that time I really want to laugh , or secretly giggle at that , it turned out to think he is so brave , try later to learn this trick , huh.

Recently and many of my friends in online chat when childhood remembered many things , some people say a child he often can not be beaten gonna parents? Someone replied that they are waiting for you to grow up to beat your age , they do not hit. Oh , if you let a child I heard these words , is not think so , but also grow at least ten years of it, the vast black decade of life and death ah.

But now, just want to be the father and mother have not hit the fight , let alone curse . Now occasionally hear some nagging parents, and then suddenly will feel the warmth returning ah. One day your mom and dad do not fight you, then you must have grown up to have to beat them to add up to your age it. If I have to draw a dividing line in life , I will draw on our parents are not playing that year, which was hit years ago , the year after the body itches nobody is playing years.

So know how people always miss something, I think some of the must have something now that we have not , like their parents fight is the same, whether you think of it , I think yes.


I believe people lived in the hustle and bustle of more people , and sometimes some want a secluded quiet and serene and beautiful place to live. Like many cities now and many people are choosing to build a house in a small town in the pension to live . In Beijing these days , I often feel that there is no real night. I remember as a child after the village at night is Heidengxiahuo , earth and brick houses staggered house where the man occasionally someone can hear clearly put the ass , which reflected the true sound of barking but quiet .

I remember junior high school when the final trip to the place I was born , when I arrived at the town ‘s share of rustic me share the innocent can no longer conceal the excitement . The township also go to our village two or three hours the mountain , although already very tired , but there is a faint among the things in your heart guide you can not wait to go back there , the way I see is straight Murakami Smoke , the sky down the yen . Sunset is magnificent , it is almost dusk . Trinidad sunset, homesick people in the horizon . I saw our village to more recent times , when I really want to cry like a child . I opened my arms, any breeze blowing hair, eyes closed, as if childhood I stood in front of me to shake my hand , welcome you home.

So the impression neon lights at night in several years , they go to a township land, find some place quiet night can only air the sound , I think of those kids listen to their parents , then stay around family life , the original he has been living than we carefully.


Many rural areas where young people are able to go out, have gone to the city . In fact , most people when things do not only produce their own desire .

Like this end and that end of the people, as mutual envy . We watched them in neon under their groping our way towards the Heidengxiahuo inside . Like migratory birds flying.

Conscience is the best selling point, honesty is the best business card christian louboutins

Enjoy the warm winter sun in the afternoon sprinkle Man , blooming strong light. Gives a pleasant feeling. Chinese New Year in quietly in the footsteps approaching, the streets bustling vegetable market crowd , loud shrill busy, really worthy of a scene years ago , crowded ah !

I’m lazy to walk aimlessly in the markets, those eyes swept the fruit stand , vegetable stalls and vehicles coming and going , pedestrians. What do not bother to buy , well, finally out of a trip , whatever the outcome, can not go back empty-handed ? Then buy some vegetables and pasta Come on ! ?

I first came to the street vegetable stalls, the stall everything, small to large vegetable pasta , the boss is a woman , not very long starting eyes, but could not hide his face smile , warm and sincere , honest and trustworthy . Here reputation has been ringing . Her customers are mostly admiring flooded , so I have got used to buy her things , one to two to become of her old customers , slowly familiar up. I bought vegetables and pasta , hurriedly paid the bill , and turned away a moment, she stopped me and said warmly ; “Come, several sets of bags, halfway accidentally broken, something sprinkled …… ” I turn passed away , I saw her smiling in there waiting for me in the past , and I also told her with a smile , said the sound Xie , and after carrying heavy things leisurely walking home .

I went halfway , suddenly remembered the child forgot to buy fruit , which was then folded back to the previous one fruit stand to buy fruit . Looking ahead, a small tricycle filled with a variety of fruits, has an orange-red orange , white ginger , dark red jujube , and ripe bananas …… I thought: son loves bananas , other ! not how to eat the fruit , then buy bananas Come on big speakers called out only to hear : fragrant and sweet bananas, ten yuan jin , ah …… where people have crowded . I calmly took the bunch , the traders said under the deft , just ten dollars , I nodded and promised , after paying started for home.

Carrying so many things very difficult, panting back home, already sweating profusely , I did not think , put those things thrown aside , busy making dinner . Soon the children came back from the outside .

” Mom, what to buy bananas ah ? Simply can not eat , you taste good hard good unpalatable , but the taste is not, is born , you encounter a liar ……” I picked up his hand to eat one , it really is , so also give people something to eat ? This is not Kengren it? Wohuo heart burst , heart underground passage : “This is not about the money issue is a matter of principle I do not go to say ah do not know how many people will fall for it ! ? ” Note made ​​up , I would wear a jacket holding that bag of bananas to find that small traders , when the days are dark down, roads are slippery , and so I went to the vendors , we saw only a handful of cars full of banana bunches , and where people are rushing to round it ! I see these pictures , anger will burst out from an inattentive head inside , a few steps forward , said: ” ? ? Can not eat the banana , raw and hard how they can be sold to someone else ,” the trader blushing pretending to be calm the angry and said: ” how not to eat ? ” he then took out a bag from my hand flap a few sections , said: ? ? ! “It was all right how stiff a very soft way which affects the right not to My business ” I was very angry and said : ” If you do not have something , I ‘ll run Daikokuten such a long way to come to you if even the hand valve does not move, how can the teeth , can ? mouths to eat ? give , try it yourself ! ” I took one , which he looked at the number of people who buy bananas , sensual did not move , did not eat , buy fruit next few customers see this scene , are put down just pick good fruit , and ran away ! That traders fear approaching people find the fact that she can say anything , indefensible give me back the money.

” Honesty is the best business card .”

After the withdrawal of the money back home, looked at his watch , Ah ! Nearly seven o’clock it! No, I hasten cooking. Half an hour to do the work , looking at getting late , thinking of her mother. So late, I do not know my mother did not come back to it ? Roads are slippery, but also cook their own food back , I put down jobs , take a flashlight, opened the fridge and took the afternoon to buy pasta , give my mother sent him away.

Door to his mother , I saw the orange light refraction from, and looked through the windows and doors to the inside back of insight into the mother emaciated . When I opened the door and saw a man sitting on a chair mom sighed , hurriedly asked how the mother then said : ! ” Hey give wage fried skin, hard six months , the dough is so much every day , every one Zhang cut, bowls of fried , but also bags of spices installed . much time is necessary to fry several hundred a day, a friend had introduced me to , because acquaintance , because trust friends , so it is natural trust that the boss , did not consider that much. had friends and the boss said at least eight hundred a month salary , the boss is also very readily agreed today on holiday, send me a monthly salary …… according to her seven hundred fifty to me …… “Mom frowning, shaking his head helplessly . Later, the mother asked the boss : “It was said that eight hundred ah how good they changed their mind and now you say finish this year , clearing wage , how can gone back ! ? ? ” Boss mouth plausibly said: ” That would be chatting with you , kidding I can not promise you ah ! Besides my husband and I did not talk …… “When the boss finished these , my mother will understand how it happens, leaving behind only a burst sigh. After listening to her mother tell about it , when I listened to my heart not taste sour , wet feel there is something about his eyes pouring out, and I try to blink a few eyes, looked up , and was finally put teeth it flows to the heart. My heart has always been for these profiteers evil deep pain , for the money to Lee , you can do anything , do anything , but for my mother did not stop me , the theory went looking for her . Such a person is really hateful to the extreme. Once again let my emotions with the ups and downs of these things , be calm ……

Think mom every day from dawn to dusk , so hard for the boss dutifully bustle , eventually end up this way . Think of the mother in order to trustworthy friend promised to shut out much good work , willing to work for here ? A lot of people do not have to persuade her mother to that his boss , the boss says that for a lot of people , each time did not last long , as many newcomers months , ranging from a few days is not done . Because of bad character , one day full of eggs inside the bones , nothing good . Coupled with the tricky , demanding , unreasonable , do not speak reputation, wages are not issued on time , or is less fat . Who else is willing to give her work ah ? !

In fact , such a thing is actually not uncommon, and many others. For the benefit of those manufacturers produce cooking oil , its intention is undeniable scourge of vicious people , the loss of humanity , murder in virtually ah ! There are those displaced Britain lung , uprooted drifting away from home, for family, for loved ones can enjoy a more intimate life , for children to receive the best education , if the child was admitted to the best universities have the strength , then they will certainly pay every effort to struggle hard for the children to create economic conditions . Just hope the kids can have a better future. So they only reluctantly left the haven of the soul, away from home , hard work , sweat and tears shed behind the hardships and pain , all the difficulties behind forbear , these migrant workers sad and few people can appreciate and understand it? They do not have too much luxury , just want to go with the hard-working hands to change the corresponding economic wealth. Life without ridicule and abuse , or non-human eyes . Each time you start to work, the boss said to make sweet , saying how much better the monthly salary of a person , imagine a life distress , economic strength, there are a few poor workers who can resist the temptation to do ? By virtue of their own efforts down to earth , no regrets pay ah ! Some owners do not give a year end is payroll, he found an excuse in arrears , or is threatened , or is escape, a few workers who come to ask the boss but was beaten while men minions , so disabling and ultimately without success return . Who could ask for justice ?

If a businessman can do conscience first , then he ( she ) want to leave the business of fire are difficult , because no one will refuse a person to do business with a conscience , right ? Only business is booming, booming footsteps wear out the threshold , customers, lower sales and more sales, financial resources must be rolling in , so how much peace of mind at ease.

If a businessman can do integrity first , then he ( she ) can not find willing also worry their work, their loyalty to the people? As long as the news release candidates , who would be about the influx , have congenial , due to its loyal , Take a shot , without complaint .

All these make me awake all night , and I wanted to write about , even just residue Chapter punctuation . Regardless, summary, large national diplomacy , small personal business, all kinds of people are hiding from the eyes. People feel a steelyard , which scales the most accurate and most fair ; people ‘s eyes are sharp , seen most clearly and most thorough. I want to say : whether national or, personal worth mentioning, we only learn to be, as long as a conscience , has an iron-clad integrity, if not playing one minute ad will customers door , uninvited . Because conscience is the best selling point , honesty is the best business card. To learn how to use a clear mind and wise thinking to control everything , then everything will cause enjoys abundant support , solved. Refrain for some petty seller grid and dignity , there was no Gusheng Jie soul ah ……

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Perhaps you are struggling with the pros and cons of life, maybe you are hovering at the edge of the pain , maybe you’ve anxiously waiting , perhaps you have failed , but remember , in fact, it’s all ministry important , important is that we have youth , we ownership is a dream !

Have dreams of youth is a simple pleasure , have dreams of youth are struggling forward , with dreams of youth are fearless , have dreams of youth is invincible !

Come on, starting with the dreams of youth wings bearing heart, let the dream of youth and flying !

Speed ​​of development in society , in the reality of the crisis is over , the youth is our struggle qualifications ; impermanence of life in a busy , in reinforced concrete buildings, the dream is the driving force of our struggle !

Youth restless heart , let the dream take us to sail it.

Despite the high mountains into the sky , even bottomless depth , even divide infinity , youthful dreams take heart set , the young dream we raised wings across difficulties over the limit .

We took the dream of youth , you can enjoy the small hills in the Peak scenery , you can watch the fish play in the bottom , you can embrace the magic of the earth in the sky, yes, a dream to make the impossible possible , is not to let the youth reality becomes a reality !

In fact, between dream and reality, which only a pitifully thin crepe , it cruel to separate the dream and reality , people can only dream of tearing it , let the perfect combination of dream and reality , the world’s most collision Chu Chen dazzling brilliance.

In fact, between youth and aging, only a few have pity for some time , it generates a ruthless man in two stages , only a good grasp of young people who can fight with aging , with the firm belief called senescence concessions.

Only a fine line between dreams and reality , the youth and aging is just a step away , should not the prime of our youth to grasp , let the dream fly over , let the dream and the reality sparks it?

Youth is the boat , the dream is sail aboard the ship of youth , raised the sails of dreams , towards the other side of reality ; dream is the way , youth is a lamp, set foot on the road of dreams , lit the lamp of youth , broad road towards a brighter .

Do not fear heights cold and windy , we can see that youthful fame ; please do not be afraid sky clouded over , have a dream that we can make it phototherapy eye-catching ; drawn the short straw , please do not be afraid , we are able to withstand the effect of young lives test ; please do not be afraid lofty separated from reality , have a dream that we can span everything !

Perhaps we will be confused youth , but always dream !

Perhaps not dream finally come true , but the youthful heart regrets !

Come, let us youth back pack , let the dream for us navigate , let us embark on the journey of life with a dream , let our youth singing all the way , so that the youth and dreams together Fly !

Remember the good old christian louboutin uk

Blan >> << bubble tea I never get tired , almost a chant .

I always remember that there are some written in the vicinity of the General Assembly tea. ” Teahouse posted on the walls , painting the mess , but I found in the western wall of a poem , a song real poem: I remember the old good , follow dad went to tea in front of the mill shells , mud lane alley . sand . was inscribed on the wall with a pen , which makes me marvel .. This is what people write it ? “Forty years, this poem Zengqi had forgotten the eye , I also remember clearly felt exceedingly mysterious.

Today’s a good thing, I searched a bit and found that it simply is not what the original patrons . Poem follows: remember childhood Well, follow Niang to tea , in front of mill shells , sand alley lane . However, there are two behind : Now people grow up, tangled mind .

The author is the Ming Chen Baisha Daru .

Maybe a few decades ago that tea drinkers , also a student of the Southwest Associated University , repair history or ancient literature. That he thought was a mind , write a terribly upset . But he only quoted the first four , yet behind the two stay in the heart , of the wind, lingering Yaoran it.

Over the years, Blan readers very public, everyone I see on the web references , mostly from his post . All begin with four poems that end up , describing his childhood picture , recalling the wonderful emotions . Unexpectedly think, in fact, that is to say before the four after two : Now people grow up, their minds tangled ! It is a contrast that fills four .

Worldly things are always surprising and full of adventure. Various waves of human manufacture , Jiewei catch a few waves cloud sly op .

After stop saying ” ” outdated, say : I remember the old well, follow daddy to tea .

Excerpt from ” Youth Digest “

What is life and what christian louboutin outlet

Her hand gently resting on the steering wheel , outside under a light rain . Radio stations are transferred to a stage I do not know what , spilling out of the quiet to please classical violin.

In front of the tunnel , traffic , water, bringing together the hole .

” Dear listeners , the most important thing in life there are only two , that is …… ”

Presenter ‘s voice is gorgeous bright multi- Xiang Li , not to mention she is not hesitate to claim that this truth .

In fact, she is willing to listen to the truth , but here are all the tunnel , the whole five hundred meters to forty seconds to go out of the tunnel inside the sound off, the radio will only buzzed . She suddenly tired of it , in the end is what two do ? To guess , but also tiring man, material and spiritual it? Is the “body and mind ” it?

Is “Love and bread ” it? A ” life and death ” it? Or ” love and be loved ” ? Tunnel can not reverse, otherwise she really wanted to go out listening to those words again reversing in.

The end of a tunnel , sound re-emergence , the music , she had expected a forty seconds long, by one minute two hundred words broadcast speed , the announcer said , and the words of one hundred and fifty , one hundred and fifty Cross , the truth is not what life gave her finished?

She tried to listen to music , and thought , maybe those remarks are just the introduction to this music , if you know this music , then maybe you can guess that those remarks in front .

Music is actually ” Peter and the Wolf ” – which of course would not be the answer.

By her personality, how she knew she would do , she would listen to it, they have been hearing the name of the host broadcaster and radio programs , and then call to ask drain listen to that period , the host must also be happy answer .

However, it is necessary? Four -year-old man, but also know the most important thing in life is “What is and what is ” it? She reached out and shut the radio, rain , she by rain

“The first song.” christian louboutin sale

The first song in the world

Peak fall into some of the crevices of the rocks pine seeds , and later survived the eight small pine tree . Barren crevice , oppressive winds, small pines are struggling to grow significantly .

Three years later, a farmer up the hill and saw a small pine tree , planted in trying to move them back to their houses . He only dig a five , because the other three are too skinny , afraid to move back to live , but , you do not have to .

Ten years later, a gardener came to the mountains and see the rest of the three trees of pine , that is fine varieties , they want to move them to go round the forest for people to watch . He removed the two trees , and long on the tree because the steepest rock , people can not go up , they give up.

A pine tree to see the rest of his companions were carried away , blame yourself long straight steep in remote place, otherwise they do not bear the loneliness and suffering in the mountains . Spring has undergone numerous , pine tree no longer lament the fate of injustice , but pay close attention to land a single step , and bear the cold wind , summon the strength to grow.

Two hundred years later, from the foot of a mountain to repair . Mountain tourism people flocked to the tall pine tree are amazed Wonderful —– Pro mountain valley it back , cloud cover around the fog , vigorous upright , Kingston as cover …

Later, a very learned man it put up a sign that read “the first song .”

I read the story : Do not blindly blame the fate of injustice , do not blame no chance of coming top of his head . Because , you want to gain achievements , may be more important than the opportunity is to insist , is a rain storm of the stick with a single step as a mountain land .

Inclusive Society christian louboutin

Learn tolerance , inclusiveness faults of others , tolerance of others mistakes , tolerant of others impulse ! When you do that , you ‘ll colorful life , happiness will improve , life is not easily upset and agitated it!

Life now , you can say too much emphasis on the human material , valued benefits. What is the traditional virtue of what Lei Feng spirit , stooped in front of money. The phrase ” hurt feelings about money , talk about feelings hurt money .” Shit theory has become part of people ‘s motto. That thing on me give you an example . We are working people . Two shifts , two shifts of White Nights . To carry out the transfer of the two classes , but often there will be no place for the transfer phenomenon , leading to job errors frequently . However, the two classes or the public that goes , rational woman and she said . In the example, we often encounter some contradictions and conflicts. So and so who brought you out of the dirty jobs , so who put your tea bottle broke , so who says bad things about you behind and so on. These trivial things often make us feel troubled , even despair . In fact, the emergence of these conflicts the most fundamental reason is that we do not learn tolerance. Everyone feels others should not be like this , once the conflict on their own interest occurs , the first thought of rejection, slowly, you do not carry her , she does not accommodate you , eventually leading society is awash with indifference, intrigue, you do so on the first day I did fifteen negative factors . So, we have to think a little happy, a little too happy , we must learn to accommodate others. Learn empathy , learn Care . You know , people are not err too . Forgive the mistakes of others , not only embodies the noble quality of their own , there will not relations stiff. In fact , we often think about inclusiveness this issue, you will find that the importance of inclusiveness and the need of others .

Finally, I want to tell you , I’m a man so tolerant of others . I’ve been deeply appreciate the inclusion of greatness. Share a few words , ” the prime minister goes to punt ,” ” be tolerant to diversity , tolerance is a virtue ,” “inclusive inclusive things others can not , someone else will be able to achievement achievement not matter ! ” Let us work together to learn tolerance , I have to accommodate I want tolerance, I want to inclusion. Your fault tolerant , inclusive and your childish , inclusive of your arrogance . Inclusive eventually you probation , probation will you into a tolerant person. Believe that tomorrow will be better inclusive !

Paper a lotus christian louboutin uk

Turn red calendar , spring, early in February 4 to go to my covenant it.
Feeling kind of soft, so winter , the original green over the branches . I am pleased , subtle fragrance into my heart there is the origin of Lanzhou .
Outside pond , withered lotus oblique , flirtatious and has no domineering , her sleeping posture , but it really has a strength of character and weather .
Suddenly think she from the initial slim, indifferent to the reality of today , how many thousands of lonely middle passing ?
Step beyond the spring , summer suddenly saw Hawthorn , full of lotus does not swagger , Zen quality wind , shallow water cut an inch carving time .

Flowers in memory of the first contact , in addition to chrysanthemum, lotus is a .
Hawthorn childhood , shrouded in mist in the early summer , quiet and elegant , Fine curls , no half points Unconventional wind dance , she edited my initial impression of life .
Green lotus , accompanied breeze leisurely walking , the clear bright eyes , such as wave flying, shut inside her how much grace of thousands of dreams, locked Fangfei many charming story ?

” Most are gentle bow , like the very cool water lotus shy .”
Demure elegance, Dimei shy , so beautiful woman, Dimei when shallow smile , will be Allure . Chung stacked with green, exhibited the influence of pink, with roses to describe, too blooming with peonies to the title, too cheesy , only gently swaying in the wind, water lotus , way to make her specific fragrance with a cool and imperceptible a touch of melancholy.
Years later, Xu still with his poet’s feelings with water lilies hearts to praise Huiyin woman : “She was asleep under the stars of the lotus flower oblique interjection ” can be as Xu Lin , was handed down from a distant era old paintings , can be mounted , can be mounted , but difficult to access . But his memorable, soulful and slightly melancholy tone , soothe the hustle and indifference that era.

Men also have a lovestruck , but it will not do this pose as bleak as water lotus . Up like Fang Tang Xiao-fu downstairs station as half a rainy night , a sense of a run, and then go elsewhere to start a new life , as Hsu , fell in love with Lin Huiyin , a few years later , still in high spirits crush LiuXiaoMan . He said : You can not because of loneliness and indulgence , but not because of indulgence and lonely life .
This is life and life sentence of Ge popular pain.
What is love ? Love is experiencing better , but also as ever.

There are some words , make you a long time to sit at the table , reading it over and over again . There are some music , let you play a continuous loop , I heard from dawn darkness .
Jiapeng Fang Music ” water lily ” , leaving the graceful language when executed by the window , do the time lingering on the willow , the erhu sound deep in the open at night to listen to particularly poignant .
West Lake , fiber Liu Fufeng , lotus Tada , came ashore “I was five hundred years ago, you left behind lotus seeds, each bloom once a year just for you ,” the woman smiled a sweet pink petals that are on the rouge glowing red , is a glimpse of the water look back on that green leaf engine rolling dews . A flowery Meijuan , immortal beauty , Looking roundabout Ne her husband , smiled leisurely walking .
Faced with such a beautiful West Lake lotus -like shy Umbrella , it is difficult to feed the souls of her husband refused . Like her, what to plot the ups and downs of life and death spend the promise Yeah, I just , with color and laughter , intimate in mind .
Bai go all of a love , her beautiful Ren Hui, fascinating and charming , they had to borrow an umbrella imply their minds , like her husband always migrate Ne understand style , even Zhonghuo advised by the law of the sea …… but under hsiunghuang Bai Lei Feng Tower under pressure in his child-rearing adults, silently waiting to make a story , almonds .
See everything desolate downtown, view over the picturesque landscape . Bai know : the deepest and heaviest love must grow up with the time . Husband may not be romantic, even boring, but he will not put you as a brief flowering in a vase of flowers , he sees you as a green LT in the growth of the green , willing leaned over , intensive care , foster some ordinary but a long journey of life .
So far , I still cry for love , not because of inherently fragile, simply because it arrived in the heart of the most pristine corners , such as beauty and Yue Cao Zhi and Roselle .
Shih also lotus , she Wun Sha Picking even plain Su Yi , there are sections that beauty line , the breeze blowing slowly sink fish style. Fuchai year to please beauty in Taihu Lake and built a first -ever artificial lotus pond . The Best Night’s Dream Day of Mi Cao Fei – Roselle , after join Lo , also become the embodiment of a lotus flower .

Snow little Zen said, ” Goddess of Mercy Why ? She did not want many people to worship her, and we are willing to put into practice her own way .”
Can it into practice ? Elysium flowers, Ru Laisuo sitting Guanyin with a single step , that Melaleuca Lotus , will be an elegant woman who just read it to understand the world , a beautiful but sad fate.
Should be , I just want to do an undisturbed lotus , guarding lonely Love in the old ferry , and loved to watch the sunset together still hazy . Even though he had covered with a white beard , but I still was his favorite little lady .
Should be , I just want to hold paper lotus , all put pen to paper , are dust-free and clean.